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Getting Started with TypePad

Once you have registered with TypePad, you may have some questions about how to get started. This article will provide some tips and ideas for getting started with your new TypePad blog. Publish a Post For information on creating posts, see Overview of Compose. All of your posts are available...

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Edit Your TypePad Profile

Each TypePad account comes with a free profile, which sets you up for leaving comments on other blogs, with either your profile or blog linked to your name. Your profile also allows you access to some cool features like following friends and other Typepad bloggers, keeping up with important discussions, and more.

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Creating a New Blog

Note: Micro and Basic subscribers are able to create 1 blog, Pro Plus subscribers can have 3, and Pro Unlimited subscribers can have an unlimited number. The option to Create a Blog will not appear if you already have the maximum allowed blogs for your subscription level.

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Use a Custom Domain Name (Domain Mapping)

Domain mapping is available with all Pro plans. Domain Mapping is the process of pointing a registered domain name to a TypePad site, blog or photo album. Domain mapping is more than domain forwarding, because your permalinks and URL contain the address of your domain ( instead of your TypePad sub-domain (

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Choose a Theme for your Blog

All levels of TypePad have the option to choose from the pre-defined themes available. For Micro blogs, you can choose from a few of our favorite themes which you can customize with your own Banner image. Pro Plus, Pro Unlimited, and Business Class plans can choose from all the available themes.

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Custom Sidebar Content

There are three ways to add sidebar content to your blog. For a Basic design, you can add sidebar content using the Embed your own HTML module or a TypeList. Adding sidebar content to an Advanced Template design can be accomplished by pasting the code directly into the sidebar template or by adding the content via a TypeList.

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Login Issues

The most common cause of this problem is entering the email address and password incorrectly. The email address and password for your account are case-sensitive. For example, password will not be recognized as the correct login for the PassWord. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it.

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Need design help?

Looking to launch a new blog? Have an itch to tweak your design or layout? Want a superior banner or design custom made specifically for your blog? We've got you covered!

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